Bicycle Rack

This sidewalk bicycle rack was the product of a collaboration with Kelly Barlow, Trevor Hollyn Taub, and Sean Mulcahy in response to a competition sponsored by the New York City Department of Transportation.  The proposed design lowers the threshold at which people will ride bikes in the city.  The existing city racks function well, but they have little street presence.  This rack keeps the footprint of an existing rack, but increases visibility through height and the adoption of a logo.  The addition of a cycling map increases ridership by allowing people to plan their routes and increases safety by directing cyclists to nearby bike paths.  The visibility of the rack makes it the key organizing element for cycling in the city.  At the same time, the rack’s small footprint and transparent appearance only minimally obstruct pedestrians’ paths and views.  By establishing a new visual language on the streetscape, this bicycle rack promotes a biking lifestyle.





Cityracks Competition, New York, New York, 2008

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